Dealing with Stress
Destress by eating breakfast

LONDON: People skipping breakfast had better mend their ways, as a new study shows how the morning meal reduces stress and improves mental and physical performance throughout the day.

Volunteers who ate after waking up benefited from an 89 percent reduction in anxiety when faced with a challenging situation, the Daily Mail reported. They were typically able to deal with the dilemma seven percent quicker than on days when they went without it, the mental and physical tests have revealed.

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Simple ways to reduce stress and increase happiness

Good ideas for decreasing stress…

Break time


Work-free lunches

Connect with others

Great start

Take control

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Yoga and meditation decrease stress in caregivers

Not surprisingly, yoga and meditation help caregivers reducer their levels of stress.

But now, it turns out yoga doesn’t just help the person with the ailment — it could also help the person taking care of the person with the ailment.

Researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles found that meditation from yoga can help lower depression in caregivers, and may also improve their cognitive functioning.

The researchers even found that the meditation was associated with a decrease in cellular aging from stress.

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Marital stress is worse in the first year

New research New research from eHarmony shows that the first year of marriage creates the most marital stress.

Marital stress is worse in the first year

How to Deal with Stress in the Workplace

A recent study confirms that having a supportive spouse helps alleviate stress. Seems rather obvious but there’s some interesting information in these 2 articles.

How to Deal with Stress in the Workplace

Stressed Spouse? Tips on How to Deal with Occupational Stress